• Brit200

    It's been 20 years since we built a 100 way formation. It's time to go big.


    Chapter 1 - "The Californic80s"

    Tues 29th Sept - Sat 3rd Oct 2020, Skydive Perris, California

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  • The Californic80s

    Tues 29th Sep - Sat 3rd Oct 2020
    with Sun 27th and Mon 28th as acclimatisation days with free LO

    Skydive Perris, California

  • Event Goals - Chapter 1 - 80ways

    1) Grow the British bigway scene to support a future 200way attempt.

    2) Build 80ways (from 18.5k from four planes)

    3) Set a British Sequential Bigway Record

    4) Set a British Complete Break Sequential Record

    When - Dates

    Tues 29th Sept - Sat 3rd Oct. 5days inclusive.


    Note: Sun 27th & Mon 28th Sept are acclimatisation days with free LO available. Be ready for Tuesday. Get your unstable exits and landing tumbles out of the way so you look like a pro when you're on camera.


    Why? At the end of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere we will be the most current we can be. This gives us our best opportunity for a successful event. It also doesn't clash with any UK based events. For a Brit200 to be successful we need support from every DZ and we'd hate to compromise an event already in the UK summer calendar.

    Where - Skydive Perris

    We tried to run this event in Europe but the plane availability just wasn't there. Events like this are difficult to organise so a dropzone that handles events like this regularly makes things much simpler. Many DZs felt they were up to the challenge but only three DZs handed us a price list for large formations.


    Dan BC is the Dropzone Manager at Perris and he is very keen for us to visit. He wrote this to us recently:

    "I'm a jumper and event organizer first and a DZO second. I know you're taking on a huge project and if you're crazy enough to do it I'm behind you 100%! "

    What - Draft plan

    We're looking to grow the British bigway scene. There will be 120 slots at this event. Where and when possible, we will rotate slots to ensure everyone who is safe to do so gets experience of 80ways.


    Day 1 - 3x 40way groups

    Day 2 - 3x 40way groups or 2x 60way groups

    Days 3-5 - 1x 80 way group and 1x 40way group, rotating so that as many people as possible get to do 80way jumps.


    Pete Allum will be running the 40way groups with a goal of complete break sequentials.

  • Who is this event aimed at?

    Minimum requirements. 

    - Minimum 200 jumps but if you're a talented and special unicorn with excellent references we may still be able to fit you in, please apply.

    - Minimum 2hrs tunnel time, of which at least one hour must be in the three months prior to the event. ie after 29th June.

    - Minimum 60 jumps in the six months prior to the event, ie after 29th March.

    Note these are MINIMUMS. More is better. Obviously. More will make you more competent and more likely to perform to your maximum potential.


    You should be able to dock on a 20+ way* and you should have multi-plane experience.


    Or if you don't meet these criteria, in certain circumstances (see talented and special unicorn previously mentioned), excellent references from one of the LOs may be sufficient.


    Conditional invites may be made to people who haven't yet had the opportunity to complete a 20+ way but will do so, or even bigger, before September.


    *Originally we felt that the minimum requirements should be a 28way completion but we're aware how few opportunities there have been for this in the UK in the past few years. :-(

  • How much?

    We tried to keep the cost down as much as we could but inevitably:

    - aviation sports are not cheap.

    - bigway is notoriously unpredictable.

    And for anyone who has organised a skydiving team, you can easily stress herding just four people. Now try 80 people! The remuneration in the package for the LO team needs to be fair to make up for the sleep loss. And the hair loss. And Brian can't afford to lose much more hair. :-/


    The registration fee is about equivalent to 30mins uncoached tunnel time, so you could flail around for half an hour and learn next to nothing. Or you could take part in an amazing week-long life experience.


    The registration fee is £289. This confirms your place on the event. Card is fine.


    For less than £58 per day you get:
    - five days of world class coaching from Milko, Sian, Pete Allum, Mark Kirkby and me.
    - two days of free Load Organising on the warm up days (27/28)
    - world class cameraflyers
    - on site FAI rated judge (who has held bigway FS records previously)
    - goodie bag
    - event tshirt
    - unique and collectable event medal
    - some nice surprises and
    - every photo and video available online, almost instantly and available for three months after the event through www.skydivingphotography.com
    - the opportunity to be part of the Brit200 journey from the very start.

    The jump fee is $883 which is approx £670 at today's fx.
    - 20 jumps
    - upto 18.5k AGL (20k ASL)
    - upto 13 jumps on oxygen
    - four plane formations


    The jump fee is payable to the DZ in September before jumping starts. Card options are fine. Refunds will be available if not all 20 jumps are made but we do have to pay for the pilots regardless.

  • How - Next steps

    Step 1: Click apply and... apply.


    Step 2: The people scoring highly in skill, knowledge and experience will be invited. We recommend you do not buy your flights until you have an invite.


    Step 3: Pay the registration fee of GBP 289 to confirm your slot.


    Step 4: Ensure the jump fee of USD 883 is paid to the DZ before jumping commences.


    Step 5: Turn up. Fist bump. Rock. Kick ass. High Five. Pack. Repeat.

    Step 6: Return home a hero.

  • Who - What is 'British'?

    To set a UK record, all participants will need to be eligible for a sporting licence from British Skydiving. You do NOT have to have a sporting licence. There is no requirement for this and, oh wow, what a lot of unnecessary admin that would be. Zzzzz. As far as we know, this would make our requirements for a national record the joint most stringent in the world.


    However, you will need to be eligible for a sporting licence from British Skydiving. In simple terms, you will need a UK passport or UK driving licence showing a UK address, or you will need to be resident in the UK (with appropriate supporting documents).


    Sporting Licence procedure. And read the small print on Form 110.


    UK Nationals will be expected to show the photo identification page from their UK Passport or UK driving licence during event registration at the DZ.


    Non-UK Nationals can qualify through residency. Non-UK Nationals who are residents in the UK should expect to show proof of a minimum of 185 days per annum residency in the UK and show a combination of documents to support this. Please see part 3 of Form 110 for more information. It is recommended that you complete this well in advance of arriving in California. Please don't be caught out by the paperwork. Speak to our FAI qualified judge, sort it early.


    At this time, we are open to applications from international skydivers who are NOT resident. *If* there is space for you on the event, please be aware that you will be jumping in a supporting role, we cannot guarantee you 80ways and you will be expected to drink tea.

    We're doing 80ways. Will there be an 80s themed party night?

    Oh come on. No. Really? This is a serious skydiving event. Focus. Everybody, focus.

    What if the weather is British too?

    We really really really hope not. But things do happen. The jump fee will be part refundable. We will need to pay for the pilots even if we don't jump so the amount due will be published here once Brian has got his calculator out.

    Small print

    All the usual disclaimers... this event may not run, this event could be cancelled, this event, although we want it to be an 80way may run with less than 80 people, or it may run with 160 people doing 2x 80way groups, or 240 people doing 3x 80way groups. Personnel can fall sick or be injured in which case the line up may change, volcanoes happen, viruses happen, fuel prices can increase etc etc.

  • Brit200 provisional draft timeline

    Chapter 1 - 29th Sept - 3rd Oct 2020

    80ways. Perhaps sequentials and complete break sequentials too.


    Perris, California.

    A 5 day event with 2 days beforehand for acclimatisation and warm up jumps.


    Likely to be a 40way group of super subs too.

    Chapter 2 - 2022, maybe sooner

    If the first chapter is a success...

    120-150 ways, perhaps sequentials. Hopefully in Europe but depends on plane availability.

    Assume 5 days of jumping with 2 days beforehand for warm up jumps.


    Likely to be a 120-150way group and a 40way group of super subs.

    Chapter 3 - 2024, maybe sooner

    If the second chapter is a success...


    200ways, perhaps sequentials. Hopefully in Europe but depends on plane availability. Most likely is Eloy, Perris or Chicago in the USA. But this isn't confirmed and we will be open to suggestions when we start looking around. If you are a DZ that would like to host, or you know a DZ that would be interested, please feel free to suggest they get in touch.

    Assume 5 days of jumping with 2 days beforehand for warm up jumps.


    Likely to be a 200way group and a 40way group of super subs.

  • Organising Team

    We are so lucky to have some of the world's best FS Bigway Organisers involved. This is the dream team. Right here.

    Milko (confirmed)

    Sian Stokes (confirmed)

    Pete Allum (confirmed)

    "Please count on me for whatever help I can give. I may not be able to make it to all the events but I would be very happy to support this."

    Mark Kirkby (confirmed)

    "If I was to work with you I might have to brush up on the old accent. I’d be willing to help out in whatever way you feel you might need it. I’ve organized five successful hundred way events.... and a few failures"

    Mark is the most decorated competitor in the history of FS. From any country. Ever. 5x 4wayFS World Champ, 3x Silver. Gold and Silver medals in 8wayFS too. He started jumping at Cark before moving to the USA where he was a founder member of Arizona Airspeed.

    Photo by Christy West

    Brian Cumming (confirmed)

    “If people aren't laughing at your dreams, your dreams aren't big enough.” - Grayson Marshall

    Photo by Paul Rimmington

    Dan BC (confirmed)

    "I'm a jumper and event organizer first and a DZO second. I know you're taking on a huge project and if you're crazy enough to do it I'm behind you 100%!

    I am 4way training September 29 to October 1. On the other days I'm happy to help if you'd like."

    All aerial photos on this website by Tom Shorten.

    Logo design by Jemma Westing.

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  • We love a good inspirational quote. We couldn't think of any right now though. So we found these 80s movie quotes. A high five and a modest prize to the first person who lets us know the name of the film and the year for all 10 quotes.

    "Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?"


    "Never had karate training like this before; sure wish I knew how it worked."


    "Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full"


    "In the field we had a code of honour, you watch my back, I watch yours. Back here there's nothing!"


    "There's a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the ball"


    "Be excellent to each other. Party On, Dudes!"


    "You won't answer my calls, you change your number. I mean, I'm not gonna be ignored, Dan!"


    "I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you."


    "Before you started messing around with your computer, I didn't even exist."


    "You call that dancing, rolling on the floor on your back?"